I'm hoping to find the ideal power wheelchair for my mother. I want to find one that moves slowly, so that she is not afraid to maneuver in it. If the speed is too fast, she will not use it, for fear of bumping into walls and furniture. Also, it should have adjustable arms that will allow her to easily access the seat, and then move the armrests back into place. Above all, it should be very sturdy and well-made. Has anyone had experience with these? I'd appreciate any guidance you can provide.

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I second the idea of an occupational therapist. For an unbiased recommendation don't use anyone affiliated with a specific vendor.
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It all depends on the OT or PT evaluation to check out the driver of the device. My daughter did OT internships. She said too many families push the it LOs to use these devices. During stays in rehab, she had to rescue residents who attempted to sneak outside on their own who got stuck in shrubbery. One person managed to roll down a hilly driveway only to fall sideways into the middle of a busy road.
You just posted a red flag here if she cannot control her own speed. I suggest she gets a referral
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