My father won't give us any information we need or want he won't let go of the reins.

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Sherbear, also, if you could just stick to one thread it will be a lot easier for forum members to respond coherently!

I hope you're not having trouble finding threads you've created and going back to them?
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Vascular dementia (and you can Google this) is a kind of dementia that develops sometimes after a stroke or in conjunction with ongoing vascular (think heart not pumping enough blood to the brain, simplistically) issues.

Has your dad been diagnosed with Vascular dementia? There is a lot of good information on this site about the differences between Alzheimer's and Vascular dementia--I gather from one of your other posts that you are asking that, as well.

If dad has been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia, if THAT'S what you're asking him about (your other post about asking him questions) he may not have fully understood what the docs were telling him at the time.

Do any of you go with him to doctor's appointments?
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