I don't need medical care at this point. I need help with Hubby's hygiene. I am disabled and can't do stairs. I need laundry done on a different floor. I dispense all the meds for both of us. I can still do cooking. My hubby takes direction well, but I have to observe him at all times to be sure he does what I can't. His retention is 60 seconds.

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Contact your local area's Council on Aging for resources.
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Right here, on this Aging Care Forum, enter "Caregiver's Buddy Program"

"Alzheimer's Buddy Program Blends Personal Bonding with Education
The Buddy Program builds on a fundamental truth about relationships and human connection, and has since been replicated in Massachusetts, Missouri and New Hampshire. ... The Buddy Program personalizes Alzheimer's for medical students. ... The Buddy Program partners participate together in learning programs built around mutually satisfying activities, just as any friends would do."
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I’m so sorry you didn’t get an answer sooner. You are in what sounds like a very tough situation. Do you have family who can help? I take care of my bedridden husband and I know his hygiene is tough to maintain for us as well. Unfortunately, poor hygiene can lead to infections and possibly sepsis which can be fatal.

I’ve never heard of a buddy program, but you may want to check with his insurance to see if they will provide in home health care or even palliative care. There is help out there, especially if you are income-eligible. You can also call your local Area Agency on Aging and ask if they know of any aid available.
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