What are the best options for overnight care from 6pm to 6am?


Reputable companies? Average price? Things to consider? Ways to discuss/involve person I'm caring for?

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JStacy, when I had overnight care for my Dad I went through a professional Agency because it was licensed, bonded, insured, and had workman's comp. Thus, it gave me a better feeling about the caregivers they employed. Yes, it was expensive, in my area it was close to $30/hour.

The great thing about the Agency I used is that the night shift caregiver stay awake the whole times. These caregivers only work the over night shift so they sleep during the day. Their shift was 8 hours.
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Dear JStacy,

Hiring private care can be expensive. I'm not sure which area you care in but I would call and speak with the Seniors Department and see if they can recommend any caregiving agencies. I think the average salary begins at $15/hour or more.

I would take my take my time and make sure the candidate is fully vetted. I know you have the person's safety in mind. I would try to interview the candidates with the person you are caring for in the room, so they can see if they have a connection or good rapport with each other.
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