Mom has been living in a very nice "continuing care" campus for almost six years. Two years ago, we moved her from the "retirement" to the "assisted" facility; it is now time to move her into the "memory care" unit, as her dementia has become more advanced. The first move was easy, as the view from her window was much better than it had been; however, this is not the case now. What is the least emotionally difficult way to move her into her new setting? She will also now be sharing a room, which she has never done in the past. The care will be much, much more intensive, and the activities more social, so I really believe the move itself is a good idea; I just can't figure out the best way to go about it. Have others successfully dealt with this situation? Her dementia is significant, but she remains a very sweet, grateful, pleasant woman.

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Sharing a room can be rough, but you say that your mom is still very pleasant and sweet, so I wouldn't worry too much about that unless the roommate has issues. When I had to place my mom into a memory care unit, I had to tell a white lie. You may want to ask the facility if there is another room for her, with a better view. The memory care facility that my mom is in bent over backwards to help her get adjusted.
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Quinault, when it came time to move my Dad from Independent Living over to the next building which had Memory Care it went much smoother than I had thought. Dad had been dealing with sundowners.

I did tell tell a "therapeutic fib" by telling Dad would be much cheaper moving to one room [which it wasn't]. The word "cheaper" would always make Dad take notice, as Dad was always quite fugal so he was ready to move. He loved saving money.

I also kidded with Dad saying the room was the size of a college dorm, it would be like he was back in college. Except there wouldn't be as many loud parties !! So it became a standing joke with my Dad about his college dorm :)
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