Was the outcome worth all the stress that it caused? What can the APS actually do besides take a report... what can they do??? How long does it take once they come out and take the report before anything happens?

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I had one experience when someone was reported. She was clearly abusing and dominating, siphoning off funds and more. There was a hoarding situation in the garage, with dozens of bags of spoilable food, and other unsanitary conditions in the house.

APS allegedly invested the caregiver; determined that this person was doing a good job and therefore closed the complaint in a few days. A comment was that the individual was a few weeks away from dying anyway.

It was really disgusting b/c the prisoner (literally) suffered from the domination and sequestration.

It was only one incident but I lost respect for APS. I haven't had any direct contact with them in other counties though.

It was worth it only in that we felt a dire situation needed to be brought to APS' attention; had we not reported this person, we all would have felt guilty about not acting.

My only other "experience" has been when a social worker mentioned APS involvement and hinted w/o threatening outright; this was when I refused to give her access to financial information.

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Putting this back on top. Great question. I have no experience with APS. Yet.....
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