M grandma wants to stay in her home, but she is a conservatee. Please help my grandma did not see her daughter for more than 20 years, then after she found out she had dementia she came into her life and took over as good as conservator. My grandma lives in a beautiful home that she built in the sixties and she can afford to stay there with caregivers living with her. Today I received a form from my aunt and her attorney stating they are moving her out of her home on Sunday and putting her in assisted living 30 miles away from my aunt. My grandmother does have dementia when I called her she pleaded with me that she did not want to move. I can fill out the form please just tell me what forms I need to fill out to file with the court to stop this from happening. We have always promised her that she could stay in her home. I can't believe my aunt would do this, they even said when she was in a assisted living after her broken hip, "This is killing her." But now they're going to go put her in a home, 6 hours from her home. Why not take her into their own home and spend time with their mom.? I would take her but I'm raising my 3 grandkids. Please help me keep my grandma in her house thank you.

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From the information that you share, I assume that your grandmother must be very, very old and given her health, she needs to be in assisted living.

Who exactly is the we whom you speak of as promising her that she could stay in her home? That was a noble promise but the realities of an elderly person's life changes which sometimes means that those promises can't be fulfilled. Did you promise your mother that she always stay in her home?

Sounds like the court's decision is final. Like pam said, try to be supportive. You have your hands full of enough with raising your three grandkids.
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Assisted Living is cheaper than live-in caregivers. The courts expect the Conservator to minimize expenses and provide for the safety and well-being of the patient. Any moves are approved by the Judge.
It is very sad when Grandma can no longer stay at home safely. This is not an easy thing for her daughter to do, because she has fond memories of that home too. Try to be supportive.
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