My brother took everyone's personal files before my dead mother even left the house on Fri. Monday he was POA on dad. Tuesday he started selling mom's stuff, his wife threw thousands of dollars of unopened sewing stuff in trash still had stickers on them. Mom's funeral flowers all went to sister in law's mother. I never got to see who sent them, I was told don't concern yourself. I was locked out of all sheds and buildings wich also had my stuff in except the one my daddy gave me to live in while here. I'm allowed no company, no money, they sold the van so I couldn't drive it. My car is old, dangerous for my dad. I don't deseve anything, I'm high on drugs and bum off my parents, I'm mental incompetant and I need to do things they say about me but story goes deeper. When she foster my grandson let him fall 20 feet to cement be lifeflighted. Lied to dhs about my visiting and I haven' t seen him but a few times. She has harrased me 4-5 ys now. Also they leave my dad alone 4 hrs I keep telling them u cant leave him alone like that he asked me check his med something was knocking him out didnt like the feeling (tressadone ) now they took him saying I made him sick. He has fever, I promise he was not sick when they took him. She is a retired nurse, my aunt should know not to leave him but I'm the stupid unfit one...

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If you ha e evidence of abuse, call Adult Protective Services. If you have evidence of fraud or stealing or if your possessions have been locked away from you, call the local
police. If you have evidence that your father was incompetent when he signed the POA then call the attorney who drew it up.
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