My grandmother lives in my mother's home. We brought her and my grandfather here from overseas about 2 years ago because of her declining mental state. She suffers from depression and anxiety. Before she came to live with us she was insistent that "people" were watching her when she left the house and even went as far as bugging her home with listening devices to spy on her. These delusions did not stop when she came to live with us. She insists that someone is always watching with the intent of kidnapping her (but oddly this does not prevent her from sitting outside when she is home alone.)

Now she has become insistent that family members are watching her or plotting to take her somewhere as well, often asking aloud where we are planning to take her? I am not sure what to do anymore as this delusion does not seem to be going away even with constant reassurance and logical explanation. We have had her tested for dementia, which she was not diagnosed with. She is currently on antidepressants and anti psychotics (did do not seem to be working for this specific issue). Any advice is welcomed.

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My mother had so many delusions and hallucinations and was so paranoid about so many things, I never knew what I would hear when I went to visit her. At one point, she was convinced they had moved the entire facility from Ohio to Russia overnight. Everyone was watching her and those that weren’t were stalking her.

Whoever comes in in contact with Grandma needs to tell her the same thing, the same “story”, even if you need to have a family meeting and tell everyone what the story is. If everyone repeats the same thing to Grandma, she just might believe it. Under no circumstances should anyone get angry with Grandma and tell her she’s being silly, that you’re not moving her. Her brain is broken and she won’t understand.
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Have you have you contacted her doctor about the medicines not working? I would do that first.
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Hi Julia
please go online and watch Teepa Snow videos on YouTube. She has methods for answering your grandma that might help her and your family. Please do not argue or try to convince her that what she sees is not real. It is real to her.
Also read the book “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande.
Whenever your GM behavior seems worse, have her tested for a UTI. This can be done at an urgent care.
Also contact her doctor and let him know she is no better on the new meds.
Try to find a geriatric psychiatrist and a geriatric primary doctor. Come back and let us know what you try and if it helps.
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