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They (the NH) normally send the ones they want to get rid of to the hospital (for some trumped up reason) and then refuse to take them back. This is what likely will happen. Absolutely do not take him home with you. It wouldn't be safe for either one of you. Once he's in the hospital, the staff there will likely try different meds or maybe get him into another appropriate facility where they can work on stabilizing his behavior.
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Just don't allow him into your home, whatever you do.

Elderly parents are like cockroaches, once they've infested a dwelling space it's a significant challenge to get rid of them.

The smell is similar too, strangely...
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I brought my mom home with me where she belonged. Its not easy but the rewards are great. I grind her meds and mix them in food. She is happy and I'm happy despite the financial strain. Sometimes I wonder how I will make ends meet, but it always fall into place some how. but I sleep good at night knowing I'm caring for the person that made more sacrifices for me than anyone else on this planet. I don't have kids, heaven knows what will happen to me when my time comes. Maybe the universe will look at how I cared for my mom and work it all out for me somehow. Good luck to you.
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If he is far gone with dementia, you may need to seek guardianship so you can force the meds.

Speak with the social worker and help in anyway you can so dad doesn't get booted for bad behavior, you will find it very hard to find a facility that will take him if this happens. So you want to really be a team player with the facility to get him calmed down.

They won't kick him out for not taking his meds, it's the behaviors that are the problem.
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Behavioral issues have to be resolved for an elder to live in any managed care facility for the simple reason that he can't pose a danger to others who reside there. If your father is refusing his meds, that's probably causing his behavioral issues to escalate and why he's being asked to leave. The facility cannot force him to take his meds against his will. Get him evaluated by a geriatric psychiatrist and stabilized on a course of medication and perhaps then he can return. Otherwise, you'll have to find him a different facility that has the capacity to house residents who exhibit difficult behavioral issues. Speak to the social worker at his current facility for guidance.

Good luck.
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Why do you think he has to leave? Most nursing homes can cope with these issues, at least most of the time.
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