This has been an ongoing problem. When I go before PROBATE JUDGE DRISCOLL, she acts all calm and perfect and he says for her to stay at home. She agrees with him then, but as soon as hse gets home, it starts all over again.
This is documented with her geriatric psychiatrist and primary care doctor, but the JUDGE WILL NOT READ or acknowledge any doctors report. These hearing are $150.00 a pop, plus $12.00 for the notices to go out to all the family who DO NOT HELP, but want her at home.
WHY IS THE JUDGE NOT LISTENING TO HER PHYSICIANS? HE is not a doctor. If I file a complaint, he could remove me as conservator I was told. So that means he just gets to "play doctor?"
She is driving me insane! This is every single day, 10-20 calls a day. I finally gave her the doctors numbers and told her to call them. Even if I screen her calls, the ringing is driving me crazy and we do not have a ringer off button.
I need a vacation somplace with no phone service~

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I'd be getting rid of my land line and going cell phone only if it were me. Make sure you have the option on your cell phone to put a certain number directly into voice mail when they call. That's the short term answer for me, but then she needs to go into asst living. This is crazy.
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I must have missed some background info. How can a judge and/or doctor force you to do anything? Are you trying to get her declared incompetent? or moved to an ALF? If she needs paid caregiers to help at home, keep them there and either get a new phone with a ringer "off" button or unplug your phone. Really....10-20 bizarro calls a day is wholly unreasonable.
I think your Mom is having a good time bugging one else in the family responds to her, so you get to have all the fun! I think "disengaging" is in order. Since I do not know your Mother's condition, could you leave her without caregivers so she can see how hard life would be without them?
It looks like the docs and judge are not going to help you. They see your Mom as "your problem." I would start looking into nice ALFs in the area and give her a choice: either paid in-home help or an ALF - her choice. Maybe if you get off the merry-go-around your Mom will find someone else to torture.
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