A couple of days ago my husband changed, although subtle. When he got up in the morning I found that he had slowed down in his mind by half. He has vascular dementia and almost total memory loss except for close family. He still seems intelligent. Now he is extremely distracted by anything, including his own thoughts. It takes him at least an hour and a half to eat a meal. His response is slower when you ask him something. Have others experienced this? On a separate problem he seems to be having trouble swallowing, almost like his swallowing reflex is effected and he is burping a lot. What is going on? Thank you for your help.

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I have to agree with Blannie. I would call his Dr. and let him know the sudden changes..
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I don't have direct experience with this, but I would wonder if your husband has had more strokes. The swallowing difficulty goes along with a stroke. If it were me, I'd call his doctor and let him know about the changes and see if he has any recommendations or wants to see him because of these changes, particularly the difficulty with swallowing. You may need to change his diet as a result of his difficulty with swallowing. After my dad had a stroke, we had to give him thickened fluids when he drank, because otherwise he'd aspirate the fluid into his lungs (which can cause pneumonia).
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