My dad has thyroid cancer and a trach from the tumor that was removed. Over the last few months he has been getting more fluid in his lungs. We do not know what the cause is coming from. Just wondering if any of you have loved ones or patients that you are taking care of that have this (pleural effusion). And if ya'll know what is causing my dad to have this. Any information would be of help to me. Thank you. Much love to all Stormy

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Thanks cricket for the info and for the website. I will look it up. We have talked to dads drs. but we have not asked them what is causing the pleural effusion. When he has another appt which it probably won't be long we will ask them then. Thanks again! Love Stormyyyyy
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Hi Stormy, there is some information on webmd website. I looked it up and it lists several different causes. Have you talked to your Dads doctors? Because there are so many different factors that can cause pleural effusion it would be best to have follow up with his doctors so they can look for the cause.Sorry I can't be much more helpful here but for someone to simple state the reason without tests doesn't seem possible. The reasons are so varied.
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