My mother who is bipolar and suffers from hypothyroidism has started having more medical problems. Last year she wen't to the Dr for a recheck and they reduced her thyroid medication. She hasn't been right sense then. I finaly managed to get her to go back to the Dr (she is VERY resistant to being seen). She has been getting pain in her upper right abdomen and has started to have some of the signs of diabetes.

At the checkup the nurse took her weight, temp and bp. Once the Dr came in it became more of a question and answer session, without many answers. They never listened to her heart, her lungs, or checked her abdomen. The Dr told her that she should come back in a month for her yearly pap/mammogram and they would do labs at that time, and sent her on her way.

As her daughter and caregiver am I over reacting or do you feel this Dr is failing to act? She is in so much pain after she eats that she has not been eating right (if I'm lucky I can get her to snack once a day). She's tired, shakey, suffering from hair loss, becoming more and more spacey, and gaining weight around the middle. I don't know if I can get her back into the Dr's after this or if I do how long it will take me.

I feel like the dr is just after her money. She has no insurance and pays cash for her appointments and labs. She has been suffering for months, dealing with a lack of thyroid meds for a year, and has, what I feel are very serious concerns. I don't feel it's humane for a Dr to allow someone to suffer so much pain and not even be willing to talk about it, let alone look into the problem.

Frustrated, upset, and worried about my Mother.

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There is one gerontologist in the area and he's what many would call a "quack" the local Hosp is the one that runs the clinic she's been going to (her normal doc retired) She has seen 2 drs at the clinic and both experiences have been bad. The other dr in that clinic is worthless; great bedside manner but not someone I would send my worst enemy to. I have tried to get her to go out of town for medical care with no luck.

I love my mother but she gets so stubborn with me, and yet won't stand up for herself with anyone else.
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This has been an ongoing issue with many of us in this forum: busy doctor's offices and people who went into the profession for the wrong reasons. Also, some doctors would rather treat younger, "well" people and do not like dealing with seniors.

I would highly recommend having your Mom see a new doctor. There is nothing wrong with switching doctors if you are not getting the service that you or your insurance is paying for. Do you have a gerontologist in your area? Start asking for referrals from friends and co-workers. I am always asking for doctor, dentist, and specialist referrals for mom and writing them down - especially if two people recommend the same doc.

I do not see where doing "labs" will hone in on the problem. The weight gain around her middle may be fluid retention, but something is causing it. Your Mom needs to see a specialist who will do a "scope" on her. This is an outpatient procedure and does not take very long. All her symptoms are serious enough for her to be referred to a specialist (gastroenterologist.)

You have a good reason to be concerned. Be persistant. Doctors are no more special than anyone else (they just think they are.) We, as a nation, need to stop allowing these people to profit from our elderly family members and go to doctors who are professional, listen, and respect both the patient and his or her family.

If you do not have anyone to ask in your area, call your hospital and ask for the head nurse. Tell him or her your concerns and the lack of service you have been receiving. Ask the question this way: "If this were your mother, who would you take her to?" I have had good luck by speaking with the head nurse. I do not allow them to send me to the "scheduling center" where you get the doctor who has lots of openings (not a good sign) or the recent graduate.

Good luck...I know from experience how helpless this makes you feel!
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