I need 7 hours per week from a home health service for me CBA just the one day each week, to help cleaning, and a ride for food. I have drs. I live alone, I take meds every day for so many things to manage, anxiety diabetes, choloresteral, thyroid, and more, and I can't take care of my place as I need to. my clothes and bedlinens are hard to keep up, and cleaning the restroom well, my kitchen table cleaned and floors in the kitchen and bedroom and laundry. I am in back pain if I stand to do the dishes more than 5 minutes. I need a ride ver so often, for food, to Corsicana, but not all the time. I will be using star-plus Medicaid. I pray that I will get your help, to get help? gbua4e, kim I am 55 years old. I see a psychiatrist, an md, a eye dr. a gyno, a skin dr. a foot dr. who personally makes neurotic lotion for me. I need a cvs pick up a lot. star -plus gave me 7 hours per week, but they may increase, if they see so. I have been known to have depression, and I am on Medicaid and medicare. please help me to have an attendant because I have been without any one but a nurse, the last three weeks. it is not fair at all. they promise, but don't deliver. and I feel completely left out. The place will not let go. Can you help me?

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There is a homecare services in Ottawa. They serve individuals who require assistance to live independently in the comfort of their own homes, despite facing diverse challenges as seniors or individuals of all ages who have serious disabilities. Hope this helps :)
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Hello timeforyou,

Please click on the link below to go to our home care page on

I've also attached our Home Care eBook. This gives you a detailed look on finding the right home care.

I hope this helps get you started.

Warm regards,

Ashley T.
The Team
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