I take loads of pills and stuff for my bits that are 'not working correctly' lol

We are in a major (for a Brit) heat wave.

I took some of my stuff with apple juice (normal thing for me)
BUT I think it was curdled and now my tummy and lungs are giving me 'JIP'

I am eating xtra strong mints but they do not seem to be helping yet!
I am also drinking a fizzy. I have cold water too.

Anyone got an instant 'home cure' please?

Thank you for reading

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Sorry all. Have not responded due to 2 things.
1 Internet went down.
2. Was not feeling too good.

1. Internet just got back up - fingers crossed
2 Can now eat again so getting better. Sticking to dry toast, crackers and bananas. Drinking tap water. So I am on the mend.

JIP = playing up, giving trouble. :)

Hugs to you all :)

ps. I had to give in a take a pain tablet or 2.

By the way - they changed my title.
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That is what I was trying to indicate when mentioning it was written in a foreign language. I too was enjoying their back and forth, reading it 3 times over!

I now know "JIP" means pain.
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BuzzyBee and CountryMouse, sitting here enjoying your back and forth. My MIL was from London, married an American Serviceman and came over to the US in "46". Reading your conversation is like listening to her and her sister together. Sister also lives here.
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Cute.  What is "JIP?".
All this was written in a foreign language to me. I wanted to help, but was not sure exactly what the problem is.

Well, I have G.E.R.D., and if I took that much mint, peppermint, maybe I would be doubled over in pain. Taking that much of anything can cause problems, imo.

So, filed under less is more (better): Drink a warm/hot cup of just hot water.

There is a miracle home remedy for just about so many things. Maybe, Don't take it now.
But for body pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia or generalised inflammation.
For occasional g.e.r.d, heartburn which is also inflammation.
For tummy aches.
For when the body hurts from being too acidic.

Take this home cure from a friend who had relatives speaking Farsi, in Iran.

One teaspoon of baking soda in 8 oz. warm water.

Once in awhile.
Not daily.

If the trouble (bits not working?) is constipation, eat 2-4 prunes, then drink the hot water (or coffee).

See your health care medical professional, it could be appendicitis pains.  
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Buzzy, cold (as in refrigerated) water, and more of it during heat waves, can cause stomach upsets. The BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) can help with overactive bowels and diarrhea.

And simplify your diet - no spicey or saucey foods, just plain food with herbal flavorings. I haven't used salt in decades, but I still find that standing or sitting a lot in hot weather causes my ankles to swell. Driving does too.

Do you have box fans or ceiling fans? They're the best solution to central a/c. Wet washcloths or towels on your face can also help with cool downs. Lightweight cotton clothing, no synthetics (especially polyester) will help as well.

Take plenty of breaks, put pillows underneath your ankles to elevate your lower legs and feet.

I try to think of heat waves as mandatory vacations. Find a good book, something that engrosses you as sometimes the pain and discomfort self multiply, and settle down with a book.

And please keep us updated. Heat waves are challenging for anyone, especially us older folks and those who aren't used to the high heat and oppressive humidity.
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Feeling any better BB?
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Colpermin comes in capsules which get through the stomach intact and deliver the oil - plonk, like so - direct to the gut. I'm not normally a big fan of magic potions but I will say it saw off my grumbling IBS for good. Touch wood :/

When I *did* get a bout, before then, the only thing that helped was lying flat. I would suggest a hot water bottle but not in this "tropical" weather we're having!

Won't appreciate pain relief when you really need it? Er, you will, you know. You don't build up a tolerance to paracetamol, and some people do find it helpful. It certainly shouldn't hurt - no liver problems or anything?
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Thank you Countrymouse for ALL of the info. :)

I am not dehydrated.
I have nice cold water, with ice.
I am managing the system (blocked or running)
I do not have borage but I can find mint. :) I quite like water though.
The fizzy was on standby to shift wind, if it came to that.

It is just the pain. I dont like to take too many pain killers. Or I wont appreciate them when I really need them.

I will not bother the doctor or hospital, as they have proper problems to deal with.

Sorry to all our Hot Weather forum friends. I usually go rusty from the rain - not used to the heat. :)

Just going to check what Colpermin is. :)

OK checked and I have some peppermint oil. I will pop a drop or 2 in my water. :)
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There is an article in today's Torygraph about hydration in our heat wave. Avoid mangoes, it says. 🙄

[Aside] Buzzy. Please. Bearing in mind that we are among lovely Americans who actually do need air conditioning, don't you feel at least a little sheepish to be describing this unusually pleasant summer weather as a "heat wave"?

Take your medications with water. You shouldn't mix them with anything else anyway because who knows how they'll break down in sugary/acidic solutions?

Meanwhile. You have fed your gut:

fruit sugars
sugar and/or artificial sweeteners in the XtraStrong mints
more sugar and/or artificial sweeteners in the fizzy drinks
plenty of carbon dioxide

Were you *trying* to make it get a bit of a move on???

If your gut is being 'spastic' (in the medical rather than the vulgar pejorative sense) then Colpermin should settle it down nicely.

Plain water, not carbonated. Stick some ice and slices of lemon in it if you can't face it plain. Or mint, if you've got any handy. Or borage, if you're stocking it for Pimm's. Cucumber. A curl of orange zest. Anything fragrant and light.

If you've got the runs and it's *severe* get some Dioralyte from the chemist. I shouldn't touch Immodium unless you absolutely have to.

Lungs: check the Met Office website for air quality in your region. I noticed it's been edging up into the 4s and 5s round here, if you're somewhere metropolitan it may be an issue.

If your breathing difficulties don't resolve through sitting quietly and relaxing, call 111 - they will almost certainly tell you to go to A&E. If you can't face that, then forget the call and head either to your GP for an emergency appointment or to your local walk-in centre, whichever is closer. Do you use an inhaler?
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Just eaten 2 soda crackers.
I wait in hope. :)

And thank you :)
It does not seem fair to ask silly questions, when all else is major - sorry
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Yogurt? Soda crackers?
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