My MIL has bad swelling in her leg. She has been to the doctor multiple times with no resolve. She has had many tests and ultrasounds. They give her diuretics and they don't work. The last doctor mentioned compression stockings, but told her she would not be able to put them on herself because of her stroke-effected hand. I believe I am going to have to go over to her house every morning every day and get these on her. I need some advice as how to get them on as fast as possible. I have to do this before I go to work so it has to be quick as possible. Also, I don't know a lot about these, she went and bought these from a special store that sells them. She says the lady there told her she had lymphedema. She put them on her and she felt better right away. She was told to take them off at night. Do they really have to be on every single day? Will this be forever or does it get better? The lady sold her two of them, so I think it is actually only for the one leg. Will the other leg swell too if only one has the stocking on? She was also sold special soap to wash these. How often do they need to be replaced? Will they get gross very quickly? Thanks in advance to anyone who has advice to share.

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We use compression stockings here. Sold in pairs only. Normally worn on both legs, just like other socks. Not too difficult to put on, but higher compressions are more difficult. Most start w 1 or 2 pairs to see if helpful 1st. I believe insurances usually pay for 3 pair every so often, 2 yrs or 1 . Can't remember if Mcare pays, dont think so. Easy to order online, just get same size n compression strength. I let my mom wear no more than 2 days. I Don't use special soap, they have held up fine. I use net bag to thro in washer w other stuff w/o prob. Hand wash w quick swish in sink of warm soapy water, rinse, roll I small towel to absorb some water, hang dry. Putting them on? Dry legs only or u'll never get them on! If showered beforehand dry legs well n add some powder. Lady who sold them should have given lesson...First, scrunch them up w both hands, thumbs inside of stockings, one on R, other on L side of top band (of one stocking) Start there, gathering in more of stocking leg, evenly, into each hand as u continue scrunching fabric into ur hands, working toward toes as you keep scrunching Up the fabric. U will end up w L side of toe seam between L thumb n fingers n R side of toe seam between R thumb n fingers. Hold that position, n at least first few times putting on, do ur best to keep hands in position, pull apart from ea other to stretch evenly in width, the best u can. Next step: begin to slide stocking toe over mom toe, evenly begin to let fabric out as u pull up onto rest of foot. As you get to ankle, check that u r getting stocking heel in position correctly over moms heel. Continue evenly pulling up leg just a bit above ankle. At that point, move hands down to toes, grab n pull stocking toe out from mom toes to ensure plenty of wiggle room for toes. Thi protects toes n allows u to be sure stockings are on feet right, heel in place n stoking is remaining fixed in place at ankle. When all that checks out ok, put your hands back in stockings, as u had them before. Begin easing them up the calf from the bottom of the leg. DONT just grab the top band n pull on it to get to top of calf. They won't work right if u do that. When evenly distributed to top of calf, check behind knee to ensure stocking top is not covering and pressing on large vein in back of knee. If it is, pull stocking back down a little to correct. Repeat for other leg. There should be no wrinkling of the stockings. If there is u can dampen ur fingers a little n smoth up n out to more enenly distribute fabric- remove those wrinkles. This I kno, sound like u'll never be able to do quickly n easily, but once u get the hang of it, u can do it very quickly. I do hammer toe cushion, stockings, thins socks n sneakers on my mom, in 5-10 min. Total time. I'd go practice repeatedly til you get the hang of it prior to work routine. Once you get it right a few times, it clicks n makes sense. If u r having trouble w it, go back to store w mom, n have them teach u ( take mom n her stockings along). They make "donning" tools-gloves, and a shaped form u put the stockings on 1st, then transfer onto legs. The gloves r $5-6, and help smooth out any wrinkles. As stockings are worn, they stretch a bit n r easier to put on. I haven't needed either tool , but if were RX (higher) compression, I'd want attest the gloves. The other tool may enable mom to put them on w/o any help, nit sure, not too familiar w it. I didn't look but u can likely find a demo on YouTube to see it done. Or possibly on one of the companies websites (jobst, mediven, etc.). Try putting them on ur own legs first as well. Good luck! You'll be anpro in no time!
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