Hello everyone,

Thank you all for the shares. My 87 yo father has very limited mobility and we need help getting him up 5 stairs. Someone suggested a chair lift? I heard not covered by Medicare, he doesn’t have Medicaid and not a Veteran. Any suggestions?

He resides in Nassau County, LI, NY

Thank you very much

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In my experience, Medicare will only kick in if a doctor writes an order saying something is a medical necessity. And even then, like in our case, they don’t pay all of it. Medicare may come back and ask why you can’t fix up something on the first floor for him. We desperately need a wheelchair lift in our garage, but Medicare won’t pay for that, either.

If you are on Facebook, check out the Facebook Marketplace. I have seen many of those lifts listed. You would need someone to install it, but this could be the way to go.
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Mellie22 Mar 14, 2019
Great. Thank you for taking the time to comment. My dad loves his room and bed and I’d really want to keep him going there instead of moving to first floor.

In good health
Mary Ellen

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