I'd just like to get an overall feel of peoples experiences with dementia and the full moon. I've definitely noticed changes in the past but I felt like my mother was doing SOOOO well for a good enough period of time, but, today is awful and I'm thinking it may have something to do with tomorrow's full moon. She is back to thinking that this is not her house and someone "put" her here, when her and my father built this house 47yrs ago and also thinking that "the bastard put her here and left" where my father passed away 12 yrs ago. She was doing very well remembering that this was her house and all that but today, all out of nowhere, we are back on this. So, I'm curious as to if this does have something to do with the moon and how long, if it is the moon, will it take to (maybe) get back to baseline? For anyone with this kind of issue, please let me know your input. Thanks!

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I don't know about it affecting folks with dementia, as I never noticed it with my husband who had vascular dementia, but from working in retail for over 35 years, I can tell you that the full moon brought out what I used to call the "crazies", in droves. I could always predict when a full moon was coming, as the clientele would change and the issues they presented were just weird. I was always grateful when the full moon passed because of that. I know too that ER's are usually more busy, and more babies are born under a full moon, so it really wouldn't surprise me that your mom or anyone else with any mental decline may also suffer the effects of the full moon.
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My daughter worked in NHs for 20 years and she will tell you the full moon does effect those residents suffering from Dementia.
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Hi there & welcome to the forum!!!

Dementia is a complicated set of symptoms that are ever-changing. I've never heard anyone say that their loved one worsened due to a full moon, but really, who knows? Anything is possible, I'm sure.

Check out this Google link:

Apparently, a study concluded that folks with Alzheimers (which is a form of dementia) exhibited significantly more behaviors during periods of full moon, and that these behaviors were of a greater duration during the full moon.

Your best bet is to read up on the subject so you can deal with your mother & her behaviors and know what to expect as she declines. Here is a useful link on the subject:

I can also recommend Teepa Snow videos on YouTube which are very helpful on a variety of topics relating to dementia. Coping techniques and how to personally handle a person to make them feel safe & secure.

The best thing to remember is that dementia does not remain the same from day to day. Today your mom could be carrying on about being 'put' in a strange place which is the house she's lived in for 47 years, and wake up tomorrow knowing exactly where she's at and missing your dad. Every day is new; some good days & some bad. My mother is 94 next month, with dementia, and one day she's so confused she's trying to call her sister who died 13 years ago, and the next day, she's pretty lucid and like her old self. No rhyme or reason, no 'baseline' to go back to, really, since dementia is so fluid & changing constantly.

Wishing you the best of luck dealing with a difficult set of symptoms.
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I’ve wondered about this for myself. There is a very long history of stories about ‘white nights’ when people wander about instead of sleeping, and of strange behaviors – not always as extreme as werewolves, and perhaps the result of lack of sleep. It would actually be odd if there wasn’t something behind it.

For myself, I came to the conclusion that I did not sleep well in a light room at full moon time, and got block-out blinds. They help, but last night I still had wild dreams and didn’t sleep well.

As well as cracks of light coming through open doors etc, there are also noises at night. We live on a farm, and the birds get confused and start carrying on at full moon time. Other animals move around more, too. When we are lambing, ewes wake in the night, can’t find the lamb, and can be really noisy. We're all animals!

I hope you can check out light issues, and that your mother comes good soon.
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