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Definitely call your emergency or non-emergency number is you have such a thing in your area and don't try to lift Dad and injure your self. And send the bill to the POA. Depending on Dad's ability you might be able to get an evaluation from a PT on how best to get someone up without injuring yourself.
Take the best action without injuring yourself or Dad. I quit trying to help DW up unless she could crawl to a sofa or easy chair because of injuring both of us. Better to call for help for one and not two.
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While you do it, POA doesn't have to make other arrangements. How about you make your father as comfortable as possible on the floor, phone the POA and ask them to sort it out?
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againx100 Jan 21, 2019
Love it. Though it's so ridiculous that the POA is so out of touch with reality. Time for a little wake up call!
Oh wow. I got my Mom up from the tub when she fell. It was awful. Just got 'dumped' the day before via text, and so many other things going on also. That was my breaking point. Not sure who the POA is in your case, but figure it out. Do the best for your Dad without losing yourself in the process.
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Call the EMTs to pick him up following every fall and present the bill to the POA. If there's any chance at all that the fall resulted in an injury, take him to the ER to be checked out. Maybe POA will listen to hospital social worker better about in home services and/or proper placement. We can extend the time our LOs remain in a home with in home services but with dementia there will come a time when more 24/7 is needed than can be provided by a single family member. Sounds like that time has come for your father. For most of us, finances will drive placement in a MC or NH at that point. Hope you and POA can find some agreement soon; this transition is difficult enough without added stress of sibling arguments.
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