My client is 98 y/o, sharp as a tack. and has all her faculties. There is a matter of concern about the family's attitude about nutrition and quality of care (theirs is less than it should be) and the personal care assistant they have hired through an agency to provide me, the 18 hour a day live-in non-family care provider with a break, and the lack of care the provider gives. What are my options? The 6 hour a day person has created a hostile work environment for me and I am finding that the need to make certain my client is properly cared for and her wishes are respected are falling by the wayside by the family and agency management's concern that the part-time personal assistant will cry foul that she is expected to meet the agency's nurse's requirements of care plan while I am the one being dismissed by their employee and the client is not receiving the level of care prescribed. What do I do?

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I think you should move on. Live in caregiving never seems to work out, the crushing work load is bad enough, and disagreements crop up when the live-in becomes possessive about the patient. It is time to go.
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