How to journal experiences for the memoir? Getting started is an issue for me. I write a lot of details and sometimes my stories wander a bit before I can make my point. Yet I feel that in omitting details, I might be misunderstood? I would like to use many of the experiences I have had with the people I have cared for but don't want to cause any ill-feelings with the families. Even though many of my stories may have comical notes, I dare wish to insult the remembrance of anyone. So I do wish to be sensitive and relative as well. The overall theme of my care ministry is defining my lifestyle as a caregiver. I have learned that it take a heap of courage to be a special vessel of humility and even better than that thicker skin to endure the insults that others spew at caregivers while they look on us from the outside not feeling our internal strain. Perhaps there are others stories I must read before I start this undertaking. I pray that I can finish this work before my sunset!

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When I first wrote my book, Minding Our Elders, I was told by several agents that no one was interested in this issue. They loved my writing, loved the title, etc. etc. but it wasn't an interesting topic. How things have changed! The topic has exploded as you know. So don't let anyone discourage you.

My suggestion is for you to read a number of caregiver's memoirs and advice books. That will help you decide what angle you want to pursue.

Decide what you want to say, read others books, read books about writing - there are many good ones - and then go back to your notes. Sometimes reading is the best way to start writing.

Best wishes!
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I was going to say something similar to what Carol said. Decide the tone of the memoir first. Will it be mainly humorous (but not mean)? Will it be poignant but with some humor in it? Will it be more informative for those who have yet to take on the duty of caregiver? Etc. I think once you discover what tone you wish the work to be you might be better able to get organized and begin.

Good luck!!
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