I work my head off. I am exhausted after 18 months of driving, crying, lifting heavy objects, studying, consulting experts, encouraging, etc. He pretends to do his Physical Therapy homework only when they visit, shows off for his friends, but rarely practices at home. Still back where he was almost right after stroke! I feel resentful, like packing up and leaving. Advice???

Stop feeding him until he does his bit. Food is a good incentive. Eat out so you don't need to make dinner.
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You may have to get to the point, if you aren't going to help yourself I am not worrying about you anymore. The therapist can probably tell he isn't doing what he is suppose to. No improvement.

You are going to stress out over something you cannot control. You can't make a person do what they won't do.
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Tell him, get off your bum and get busy getting better, the free ride is over. Either you get better or you go to a facility, I can't do it anymore.

Hugs, it is hard to watch that nonsense and not want to hurt the person that is using us.
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