All elder abuse and senior rights site say go to VCAT. 3 hearings and VCAT still won't help? My father inlaw had his POA financial drawn up in 2002 placing his son and daughter as enduring POA's. My father inlaw was diagnosed with cognitive impairment in 2009, 2012 in ACAS reports. His daughter signed these reports due to his impairment. He was placed in aged care in 2012. In 2013 she withdrew $3,000 from his account to fund a holiday and another $4,000 whilst overseas. When she found out her brother was looking into his fathers accounts she replaced the money and took her father to a local police station to revoke her brothers POA. VCAT were provided with an affidavit from the JP confirming she lied to VCAT and the JP regarding the revocation. The bank notified the brother about the withdrawals and with advice from their legal team the bank cancelled her third party and my father inlaws ATM card. She took her father ti the bank and closed the account. VCAT were informed of this and ordered her to begin providing ABA's. She began gifting her children and herself $500 for birthdays, VCAT approved this. She also charged her father $50 a hour to maintain his empty residence ie mow lawns adding up to over $900 for one year. After another hearing VCAT did stop her from gifting any money but let her keep charging for home maintenance although her brother offered to do it for free. She also began selling of her fathers family heirlooms to herself and sold his boat without offering it to her brother first. VCAT also approved this. The fathers will was rewritten in 2010 and the ex wife of over 30 years admitted in a statement to VCAT she advised him what to do. The daughter admits to picking him up after and paying the bill. The solicitor says they may have been with him at the time of drawing up the will but won't confirm it. In the first year the father was in aged care not including bills and home fees over $8,000 was withdrawn from his account by his daughter and was unexplained or never accounted for. The following year the daughter received over $5,000 for gifts and home maintenance fees.In the third year even with VCAT stopping gift giving she managed to gain over $4,000 from his account. I ask you when will VCAT stop her. She s executor to the fathers will can you imagine what she will do. 3 hearings with VCAT yet they still continue to allow her to be administrator. Note for those of you who don't know. you do not have to produce receipts under $1,000 for a single item for an ABA to VCAT. In other words you can say you spent $900 for clothes and not have to produce receipts . These laws need to be changed regarding POA's and ABA's. It appears the laws are in place but NO ONE enforces them. :( The daughter is also never took her father to get treatment for his dementia, he was never on medication. The home he is in has ignored medical treatment he has needed for fungal problems for his feet, placed him in an uncomfortable inadequate chair after he had a fall and can no longer walk. Will not take the brothers medical concerns seriously. The brother has had to buy his father clothes as he was dressed in rags. It took over 12 months and an official complaint to Commissioner of aged care to get his needs met because the daughter is POA medicalthe aged care home would not dal with him. VCAT also have an email for the daughter describing her father as "a back stabbing ol fart that does nothing but cause trouble"..........

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Pamstegma, Authorities like APS in U.S. Poster is in another country. No worries.
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Who is VCAT? JP? ABA?
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