That is true. Stim check is will get deposited into whatever account the person has on file w IRS or mailed to last known does not count as income and cannot be “taken” by facilities
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According to what I read, the stimulus check is not income. So the AL should not use it to offset the cost of her care if on Medicaid.
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I was thinking that the facility might be named as Representative Payee for the resident's Social Security benefit, or the direct deposit has been redirected to the facility (my mother's nursing home wants me to do that once she is approved for Medicaid). If that's the case, the Payee status or direct deposit designation should theoretically apply only to the SS benefit, and not to the stimulus payment, but it all depends on what kind of financial arrangement has been made with the facility.

(That's just my opinion. I could be wrong.)
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Voodoodave, can you clarify if your LO is on Medicaid or not? Usually the facility doesn't take the ss for the rent. If she's on Medicaid, then Medicaid pays the facility and she is allowed to keep a small amount of her ss check, and this amount differs from state to state. My MIL is in a facility on Medicaid and $1200 was automatically deposited into her account. It is actually called "tax relief" check and is NOT considered income so it won't count against her Medicaid qualification. I'm going to purchase a pre-paid cremation package for my MIL since I know Medicaid won't have any problems with this purchase if it doesn't exceed $1500 for a pre-paid funeral accorder to my state's law. I hope this answers your question!
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