Mother is ruining our furniture and walls as she constantly batters them, supposedly unaware. She claims not to mean to, but repeatably continues to nick and bash. Family pets are another entire subject. At least they can move, but not always necessarily fast enough. I have not found any walker pads on the market available as of yet. I may have to make some.

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Many people put tennis balls on the bottom of the walker legs, not only to allow the walker to be moved more smoothly, but to keep the leg bottoms from making scratches and dents in the floor and sides of walls. You just cut a hole in the ball to fit the walker leg. Also, you might pick up some cheap carpet leftovers somewhere and put them on the corners of the walls. Would it be possible to find some polyester pillow filling and wrap it around the legs and tie it with tape or shoe laces? Its very light and you can get some that is quite thin!
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There are plastic strips for wall corners at hardware stores like home depot. There are also furniture corner protectors you might try available to protect children and you could use similar. You can find these at any baby store like babies r us. I've also seen people fit foam pipe insulators -- made from styrofoam that are already split so u just cut to size and wrap around walker handle or even walker legs (also avail from hardware centers). Try these and hope it helps. If you are crafty you can even paint a design on the foam or glue some pretty flowers or appliqués.
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