My husband (66, healthly except for dx of aortic aneurysm, replacement aortic valve and aorta in 2005, and on Warfarin ever since) was finally able to go to Costco yesterday for what I thought was going to be a perfunctory eye exam. (We have had EXCELLENT experiences with Costco optometrists; several years ago, they sent me to an MD upon seeing a suspicious nevus).

He apparently has a choroid nevus (as do I) and she suspects narrow angle glaucoma. We have an appointment with my opthamologist next week and I wondered if anyone here has had any experience with Narrow Angle Glaucoma treatments or management?

Got back from the Ophthalmologist today; DH does not need surgery now, doc will follow up in 6 months. And he has a cataract which is why he can't read highway signs!

Great day! And Hamilton is on at 7 PM!!!

Thank you all for your support and information.
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I was diagnosed with Narrow Angle Glaucoma about 8 years ago when I went to a Vision Works for my yearly exam and they said that I should not have my eyes dilated because he thought I had narrow angle glaucoma. Said I should see an ophthalmologist. Made an appointment as soon as I could had he was correct. Had a very simple procedure done.
In very basic terms (the way I told my grand kids...) they drilled little tiny holes in my eyes so that the fluid wold drain.
No pain
No discomfort after or during.
No bleeding
I was caring for my Husband at the time and I was able to continue my normal routine.

Odd thing, I mentioned it to the Hospice Nurse that would come weekly to see my Husband and she said she had had the same thing. And I had never heard of Narrow Angle Glaucoma before.
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I was diagnosed with narrow angle glaucoma a few years ago (I'm 66 now). I had outpatient laser iridotomy (both eyes on two separate occasions). The Dr. used a laser to create a small hole in the iris, which restored the flow of fluid. It was a very simple procedure that painlessly corrected the issue.
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BarbBrooklyn Jun 27, 2020
Thanks so much! Much pain? Any bleeding issues?
Bumping this in case anyone by as any experience.
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Cflipping Jun 27, 2020
I did not experience any pain either during or after procedure. I don't take any medications so I can't really speak to any bleeding tendency related to warfarin. My father was on warfarin for several years and his Dr. had him stop it for a short time before he had cataract surgery.....perhaps that would be the case with the iridotomy?
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