My mother is going Blind. She lives with me and I feel like she needs maybe occupational type therapy to learn to function and not be afraid.

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Great answers. Thank you all so much.
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You might contact associations or organizations that specifically address blindness to determine what alternate options might be available, say for phones or other means of communication. 

It might be wise to consider learning Braille.

I might also check with the local police to find out if it's appropriate to have a locked key box so someone can get in if she needs help but has trouble reaching a door, and/or if she falls or something happens to her.

A life alert pendant might also be a good consideration. 

These are backup alternatives in case you're not available, and might provide her with more confidence.

In the meantime, in her home (or yours), begin removing trip hazards, clear pathways, put up grab bars as handholds and arrange furniture along paths so she has something to grab onto or sit down in if she loses her balance.   One of the primary assessments for balance is through sight, and when it's gone, other senses have to compensate.   As we grow older, balance may become more of an issue.

If she takes immersion baths, consider whether or not they would still be appropriate or if no rinse shampoo and soap would be more better and safer.     Along that line, remove anything that might be unhealthy or dangerous if lift out, and accidentally accessed, such as cleaning products, ointments or medicine.

If baths will still be on the agenda, and you don't have an over-the-tub extension chair, I'd get one.   And put up grab bars not only in the tub and shower area, but all through the bath along the path from a hall into each area of the bathroom.  
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cwillie Feb 2020
I disagree on one point, I can't see any advantage for an older woman to even attempt to learn braille, today we have technology to read for us.
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Your State Dept for the Blind maybe able to help. Also, County Disability Dept.
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There are a number of Lighthouse for the Blind organizations in Texas. Please reach out to them. They teach people with varying stages of blindness on how to navigate everyday living. I believe it’s exactly what you’re needing for your mom. Wishing you both well.
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NYDaughterInLaw Feb 2020
We were typing the exact same thing at the same time. Great minds...
I see on the map that Cypress is right near Houston. Call the Lighthouse for the Blind. They have a location in Houston. She doesn't need OT - OT is short term - but rather she needs a supportive community of others who have learned how to do this and can teach her how to function with vision loss.
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anonymous1010889 Feb 2020
; )
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