My moms been having a really hard week. she's in a SNF w ANOTHER UTI (about 7 now total since the summer).. she's delirious & out of her mind right now. the psych nurse told me last that she has a personality disorder (could've told her that)..but I think its also delirium since these UTIs have taken over.. i say all that to say.. she's actually being DISCHARGED on the 10th!! (next wk??) and they just dropped this bomb on me... I don't see how, she doesn't seem in any condition.. I have medical equipment in the works, but I work FULL TIME & am gone during the day. her ins only pays for "medically necessary" home care, nothing custodial.. I want to know how they can just kick someone out! witouht any advanced notice, (i'm being sarcastic).. she doesn't have the $ for self pay and is over-income for Medicaid (I do that job for a living).. omg what am I gonna do w her???

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T, when you say "insurance" do you mean she has long term care insurance ? Have you spoken to the facility social worker about next steps after discharge?

Just remember that no one can require you to care for mom. We all have to work . Pose this question to the SW/discharge planners " I have to work. What do we need to do to get mom the 24/7 care you say she requires?"
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