Your profile says you are caring for someone. Are you expecting an inheritance of some nature? Do you have assets of your own and just want to make them work for your future?

Marcia has given you some excellent, well thought out advice. It would be helpful to know more about your age, general health and circumstances for ideas that may be more specific.
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Too many people do no planning at all so good for you for thinking ahead. First, get all your important paperwork in order. Choose people who can make financial decisions for you if you become incapacitated (Financial Power of Attorney) and health care decisions for you when you cannot speak for yourself. (Health Care Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy.) Fill out a living will stating what you would like to have happen if you have a terminal illness. This may also be called a POLST or MOLST. Your doctor will have information on this. Sign HIPAA forms allowing someone to get access to your medical files .

Meet with an Estate lawyer if you have assets you would like to organize. You may want to explore a will or a trust.

We put together a file that contains digital copies of the wills, POA, health care proxy and living wills. It also has files for Contacts (Doctors, friends, family), Accounts to Pay, Asset Accounts and how to access accounts online. (We use LastPass on the computer so that's a short list!) . It also lists the location of all the important documents like all the insurance policies (home/car/life/health), birth certificates, marriage certificate, deed, car title, loan papers and tax returns. We gave a thumbdrive with all that information to our son in case he needs to take over in an emergency and we update it every year.

Are you a US Veteran? Investigate the programs you may be eligible for when you can no longer do your own bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting or eating. Make sure your discharge papers are easy to find and you've signed the additional POA required by the Veterans Administration.

Then, concentrate on now. Healthy aging is like a stool with three legs. You need good nutrition, exercise and socialization. Stay connected with other people. Make sure you eat enough protein and vegetables and avoid sugar. Do you drink more than one alcoholic drink every day or smoke? Cut back or quit. Make a conscious effort to enjoy your life.

When we are 80, my husband and I plan to live in an independent senior living community. The ones we like provide some meals, socialization and opportunities for exercise. Investigate independent senior living near you. Some are very affordable or even subsidized. Many have waiting lists so look well before you need one.

If you have no one you can think of who can be your POA or medical POA, speak to a lawyer or a social worker about your options. And try to get out there and make more social connections. There are a lot of people who are alone. Maybe you can band together and become your own 'family'. But you have to reach out. No one is going to come to your house and get you.

Take good care of yourself! Plan for the future but don't forget to live for today!
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Where are you hoping to find money to look after yourself, there is no magic pot of gold unless you win the lottery. People work, live responsibly, save as much as they are able and thankfully in developed countries there is a social safety net that provides a modest pension after we retire. If that is not sufficient there are further opportunities for subsidized housing and (in the USA) medicaid is available to pay for skilled care for those who are truly penniless. Beyond that people have come up with various plans to stretch their money such as renting out rooms or pooling their resources by living "golden girls" style with friends.
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