We moved my Mother, with Alzheimer's, in with us 7 yrs ago. Once in a great while, we can get someone to watch her when we go out for an evening. Most of the time she is pleasant, but sometimes she makes a Missouri Mule look like a kitten. If she wants to do something, regardless of how small or large, she is going to do it, safe or not, no matter how many times we try and suede her. We are our wits end at times and would like to take a week vacation, by ourselves. Is there a service or facility we can leave her for a week or so and feel comfortable doing so knowing she will be safe and cared for? Are we bad for wanting her to appreciate the care she is getting since my brother doesn't want to be bothered?

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I am a paid Independent Caregiver. I am very fortunate with my wages, as my employer happens to be a very wealthy and fair woman. I make about 1200.00 a week. But that divided by the number of hours devoted to my employer (96) only works out to be about $10.00 per hour. I live on the West Coast, and I know that wages vary. Try finding an independent, credible Caregiver for relief shifts. Make sure you check references...actually CALL the references, the Adult Protective Service offices in your area, and local law enforcement to make sure there are no reports or complaints already on file for the candidate. good Luck.
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Few 'free' services available - but check with local NH's - many will do short term care for respite. Again, not free. In our area it is around $100-$150 per day in Midwest. The coasts would be double that I would imagine. Either that, or see about hiring someone 24/7 - but that will cost even MORE. Hope you find what you need.
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