I need low cost classes to attend to help with my arthritis. can you help with finding me a facility? i live in malden, ma, take public transportation, and do not mind commuting as long as there is a bus stop nearby and I do not have to walk a long distance to get to it.

can you help?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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1. Several years ago 2 hospitals in this area were considering adding fitness centers that would more or less compete with privately owned centers but would offer a wider range of activities. Only one center was actually created, and it did have an indoor pool. I don't recall whether classes were offered though.

So check with hospitals in your area to see if they offer the classes you seek, through affiliated fitness centers. I think this is still a new trend, but Mass. is I think more progressive than Michigan, so who knows?

2. The YMCA or YWCA used to offer various fitness classes, and I believe some of them have pools.

3. Some communities are now offering lower cost fitness centers open to residents and nonresidents. So call the communities in your area to see if any have fitness centers. They may be offered through a Senior Center or just generally open to the public.

4. One of the local community colleges has a fitness center at an unbelievably low monthly cost. I don't know whether classes are offered though.

5. You might also contact an arthritis foundation and ask if they know of any classes in your area. 211 is also another source of help for a variety of issues.

6. You could even call various fitness centers/gyms in the area. In my area, most cater to a younger more athletic crowd but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Good luck.
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