Anyone tried Rosemary aromatherapy essential oils for dementia?

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I have been reading about the study of Rosemary essential oil. Not sure what is the best method for the oil. Just interested in any ways to use it.

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Never heard of it. Do tell. I love Rosemary, I cook with a lot, and I have an organic lotion and hair conditioner that have rosemary in it. I surround myself with scent. My other favorites are Rose and Lavender.
Rosemary is known for enhancing memory and cognition, among a myriad of other beneficial properties, such as hair health and growth. Using a diffuser is a great way to fill an office space or living area, or simply placing a couple drops on your hands, gently rubbing together and placing behind your head at the base of your neck.
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BarbaraMoms, So do I have to put the drops in a carrier oil, or just use the oil?. Just once a day or more? Could I use the Rosemary in the morning and then put the Lavender oil at night? Confused if you need a carrier oil and how many times a day can you use the oil. If you use a diffuser how long do you inhale the scent? I am full of questions because I don't want to get to a toxic or harmful level. I would love to learn how to use essential oils. PamelaSue would love to hear the ways you use essential oils.
Rosemary is good to dilute for sensitive skin/children/elderly. A carrier oil such as Fractionated coconut oil (FCO), may be used w just a few drops FCO along w 2-3 drops Rosemary. Essential oils are relatively much safer to use then meds, but avoid use of Rosemary w pregnancy, epilepsy and high blood pressure. Glad to help you learn more. There are some nice diffusers with on/off features for limiting and spacing diffusion, but toxic levels are hard to reach w common oils.
I use Lavender Shampoo, hand soap, and dish soap. Rosemary Lotion and Hair Conditioner.

I make a body soap that consists of Lavender shampoo, Rose hand soap, and Rosemary hair conditioner. I also use this in my hair.

I use Lavender oil after I get out of the shower on still damp skin. I use Rose oil as a perfume sometimes.

I don't know that I can ascribe any certain feelings/emotions to the scents, I just happen to like them. I sure wish I could say that they were improving my memory, lolz.
Oftentimes oils in products are synthetic versions made for their fragrant quality. True therapeutic benefit comes from pure oils from plants that are carefully sourced and tested. doTERRA offers Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, which means when you use doTERRA Rosemary, you are ensured that you will have the highest, most pure and potent form of Rosemary and thus, receive therapeutic benefits! Many, including my own family, use CPTG oils for safe, natural alternative to meds and OTC products. Wonderful creations!
Does aroma therapy work if you have no sense of smell? I've asked in a number of places and no one seems to know. Persons with Lewy Body Dementia often are unable to smell -- smoke, flowers, food, the good the bad the ugly. No sense of smell.

Is breathing in the oil vapor useful even if you can't smell it?
Yes, the chemical make-up of essential oils are such that they work on a physiological level and benefits are still achieved through aromatic and topical use, despite whether or not the person can actually smell the aroma.
If I don't use the actual "oils", but I am using organic products, will I still receive benefits?
Sure, organic products are great and if you like them, find them soothing, beautiful to smell... enjoy! If you are looking for tne specific therapeutic benefits of individual EOs, such as when dealing w illness, I'd only go for the CPTG quality of doTERRA. HTH:)

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