For as long as possible. Mom is 92, very sharp mind, but her body is beginning to fail her. We are hoping to find ways such as a safer bathroom to help her stay in her own home with support from professional caregivers. Are there agencies that can give us guidance on this type of thing?

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Check with the Bradenton city staff (building inspection department, senior services, perhaps) to determine if they participate in any federal funding programs that provide retrofit services for needy people, especially elders. There used to be HUD grants for emergency repairs; I don't know if retrofit would be covered and haven't kept up to date on the particular HUD grants.

The state of Florida may also have a similar agency, or may be able to suggest other sources for retrofitting.

If you're looking for extensive retrofitting, such as changeout of a bathtub to a walk-in shower unit, I doubt you'll get much help as these can be expensive projects.

However, there might be some help for adding grab bars throughout the house, especially in the bathroom, or shower chairs that extend out beyond the tub and provide much more bathroom safety than tubs which require lifting legs one at a time to get in for a shower or bath.

Christmas in Action and Habitat for Humanity also help people in need. I don't know what their income level qualifications are though.
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How great that your Mom still has a very sharp mind, that will make life much easier. Have your Mom's doctor write up an order for an Occupational Therapist who will come to your home and give you idea on how to make the house safer.

I had that done back when my Dad had a medical issue but the speed bump was my Mom [90] who didn't want any of those things done to the house. Eventually we convinced her to put grab bars in the bathroom, which were done by their favorite plumbing company [that made it easier for Mom to accept]. But rearranging the furniture to make it safer, no way.... [sigh].

I don't know if Medicare would help pay for some of these items, Medicare will pay for the Occupational Therapist. Here is a list of what is or is not covered by Medicare
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