My husband has vascular dementia and cognitive impairment, difficulty getting words out cannot be trusted alone for longer than an hour or so. He thinks he can do all things he used to do and working hard has always been his habit. I am looking for places near Hudsonville that he could go for a few hours from time to time when I need to be away.

I am also looking for places that sell elastic waist jeans but not the real baggy kind because he will not wear those.

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Looks like The Senior Shop ( online) has elastic waist jeans.
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Maybe contact the Alzheimer's association and see if they have a list of day programs in your area.  You can find them online, I think it's   If that doesn't work Google Adult Daycare for Alzheimer's and Dementia.  You should come up with quite a few. 
My mom attends 5 days a week.  Be sure they have a lot of activities with a variety of clients that are at different levels in their disease.  You don't want him at a place where no one communicates, especially if he can still talk.  My mom attended one where all they did was watch movies and play a few games.  She was bored.  Now she's at a great place that does arts/crafts, music, games, movies, live bands come visit, animals, they even have a poker table for the guys.  They also have a quiet room where clients can go sit in recliners and just rest.  The cost is $100 a day but you can pay less if you're there for a shorter time period.
Best of luck finding the perfect place for your husband.
Regarding the pants, try Amazon.  They have everything! 
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My husband and I have had many conversations about whether there is any real difference between men's and women's jeans (apart from the fly zips being too short on women's hipsters). I get mail catalogues with OK women's jeans with elastic waists, or with elastic at the back and still 'normal looking' at the front. That might be worth a look.
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