I need adult day care and I want to know if Medicaid pays for this.

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I need adult day care to send my mother to until I get off of work. I work from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. She has moderate dementia and I want to know if Medicaid pays for this.

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Bren, to find an Adult Day Care center in your area, you would need to contact your agency on aging to see what is available, or Google "adult day care plus your zip code" to see what the internet will find.

As for Medicaid paying for this, you would need to contact your State Medicaid office as each State has their own rules, regulations and programs. Hopefully your State has such a program.
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Medicaid generally does pay for this, if a needs assessment determines it is needed. Call your Mom's Medicaid case worker to discuss this. A day program is generally a good solution for both the caregiver and the loved one. Good luck!

I had my mom is a day care program under a local "eisep" scholarship which reduced the cost. This was provided by the county and she qualified because of income and the fact she lived alone. In NYS the option for medical day care is covered under medicaid, but social daycare was only covered under a "MLTC" managed long term care plan that was part day care and part home care. I never got that far because she fell and is in a facility now, but still wondering if it would have worked.
If you live near Rocklin CA, I know of a great program "Daycation For Seniors". My mom attends daily.

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