I live close and am able to help out. My mother is very depressed due to this move and her inabilities to do much of anything. She lashes out at my dad, goes into fits of rage and physically assaults him (I have pics of injuries). My mother, I believe has a mental illness, as she has always been depressed, self absorbed, mean and at times abused me as a child. He is at his wits end and can’t live like this. I’m at a loss for what to do... financially I can’t see her living in an assisted living to receive help and him staying in the condo. Any thoughts, suggestions would be appreciated.

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The next time she gets violent you or your dad need to call 911.
She needs to be transported to a hospital for observation and treatment.
Talk to an Elder Care Attorney, or hospital social worker about the process of application for Medicaid.
Without treatment and proper medication to control her anger and violence could be fatal for your dad or her.
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