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I have cancer, what questions should I be asking my doctor?


I am going to ask my doctor this week if what I think is true. Is my cancer terminal? If so tell me the truth. Should I continue the chemo? I do not want to die like like friend. I watched her suffer for a week on morphine. Her liver failed. I have had kindey failure but lucky for me it started back working before they had to do kidney dialasis. I do not want to suffer like my friend did. I have had cancer since 1998. He has been giving me chemo over the years as well as radiation. Now I can't have radiation only chemo.

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I would want to know if it is terminal, how long do I have? Should I put a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) in place? Are there other treatments that might be helpful?

I agree with FreqFlyer that new treatments and clinical trials are happening all of the time, so it pays to ask. I'd also ask if I might get different treatment if I went to a large teaching hospital or a regional/national center known for cancer care. Asking about diet is an excellent question, but don't expect an oncologist to know much about diet. I don't know what kind of cancer you have, but nutritionfacts.org has a lot of information about how fruits and vegetables can help prevent or improve cancer situations. So go to that site and do a search for your kind of cancer.
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Are you a caregiver or are you being cared for? When it comes to cancer, medical research is always coming up with newer and better things to use to help get rid the cancer cells.... depending on the type of cancer, instead of using chemo medical research is now using medicine to boost one's immune system which in turns fights off the cancer cells.

Clinical trials at Duke University for brain tumors have been experimenting with the polio virus to help wipe away the tumor... the polio virus is placed into the tumor, and in turn one's immune system kicks into high gear to wipe out the polio and in turn wipes out the tumor... so far the clinical trials have been successful :)

Deacon, depending on the type of cancer you have, ask your Oncologist if there are any new research trials and what are the success rates. See if maybe it is something that you can try. If not, what else can you do to make it more successful.... sometimes diet can help a bit. You might even want to get a second opinion from another Oncologist.
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