On her last session, they could not go in due to inflammation. They don't even know if the cancer is gone. But during the course of her brachytherapy, she is leaking clear fluids out from her rectum. She has rectal cancer. We've asked the doctors and no one seems to know what this may be stemming from. Has anyone ever heard of this before? When she sits, it's fine. But when she stands up, it constantly just leaks where she has to wear something and I'm hoping this won't be a permanent condition.


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I would say the doctor should I had a different thing happen to my mom taking treat ment like that at a specialist office he gave her too much and burned a whole in to her intestine she said it hurt and he would not look that night I took her to her regular doctor he sent her er and had a bag put on her to get the poo he said he was sorry but he could not say the doctor had been improper in her care as they protect each other like I say this is not your problem but I will say she could as my mom a fisher that can be fixed with surgery or it may have nothing to do with her treatments and be bladder drop also can be treated by surgery I want you to under stand specialist look at there. part of your body you can have something some where near it and they will not see or say any thing there main job is what they do how ever secondary infections will destroy there good work I say get a second opinion
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