Having problems with Labcorp - My husband who is disabled and on social security disability has Medicare and Ohio Medicaid went to visit his parents in Florida after his mom broke her hip during a fall. He got sick in Florida and went to an urgent care where they sent him out for blood work; he never received the blood work results but he did get a bill that Medicare did not pay entirely only partially and because he doesn't have Florida Medicaid the blood work is not covered. Now, he's stuck with the bill that's over $2,000 and Labcorp wants their money and sent him to collections and threatening to ruin his credit. What can he do to pay this bill and save his credit?

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For this to go to collections it had to be over 60/90 ]days old.

Did you receive a Medicare statement? How did it read? This is just an ex.

Labcorp charged

Medicare approved

Medicare paid

you owe

Medicare is really bad about paying for labs. But you are only responsible for the 20% of what Medicare approves. In my example its $40.
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Labcorp also has an online portal where you can view your results if the doc has released them. If they are not visible, then call the urgent care for the results, And since you have them on the phone, be sure and let them know how much those tests were that you have to pay out of pocket. Most Drs have no idea the cost of anything.
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I would call them and tell them the only way you can pay this is through monthly installments.  My husband found himself in a similar situation and the company allowed him to make payments we could afford.  That took the pressure off.  Good luck.

Also, I would contact the Urgent Care facility and request a copy of the blood work be sent to your home.
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Did you reply in writing to the bill before it went to collections?

Did husband sign that he would be responsible for paying when at urgent care?
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