My LO has Medigap health insurance and has been approved for NH/LTC Medicaid. Medicaid allows continued payment of insurance premiums from monthly income and balance less PNA goes to NH/LTC facility. I've talked to many - some say to keep it and that Medicaid encourages it, others say I absolutely don't need it. Trying to find a reason or a loophole to keep it with examples or any personal experiences by not keeping it. Thank you.

I am from NJ. Once Mom was on Medicaid, I dropped Moms previous insurance. Medicaid covered her eyeglasses, healthcare and dental. I was told that I wanted to drop Moms insurance I could. Nothing was said that Medicaid would allow the premium out of Moms SS and pension. But then Moms employer paid the premium. I did keep it for a couple of months just to make sure bills before Medicaid were paid. During that period the NH would bill Medicare, then Moms suppliment would be billed and then Medicaid pays the balance.
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