Does anyone have any experience with a HCSM? I am looking into one as my premiums are over 1,800.00 monthly with 15k deductible annually. I just can't see paying that kind of money year after year with no claims. I am hoping that someone has experience using these.

Thank you for your input, I appreciate all of you sharing and caring. You are a pretty groovy bunch of folks.

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We used Medishare for about 10 years. They are headed up by Seventh Day Adventist folks but as long as you are healthy, don't drink or smoke, and are not overweight, and a member of any church, you can get in. They like alternatives and preach prevention. We wish we'd listened more when they said if one was at genetic risk of heart disease, to stop eating meat and once cream. Instead, we started growing our own beef & chicken, and eating "better" ice cream. It was a very positive experience.
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I went with Liberty Health Share two years ago when my premiums went to $1200 mo with $7000 deductible through Obama Care. I pay $220 month with $1000 deductible and have had no problems getting reimbursed or any other issues with their service. You pay for normal medical services upfront and are reimbursed by Liberty. I believe in cases, such as hospitalization, they negotiate with the hospital and arrange payments directly to them.
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I agree Joann, I can thank obama for my premiums, it is only me and my husband on the policy. We were paying less then 600.00 monthly until the obama era changes took effect.

We are not on Medicare and my husband will be eligible several years before I am, so I am looking at options. Oh by the way, there are no cheaper options with mainstream insurance companies, if we changed we would be paying more. We are retired and cannot get group plans.

This is what happens when insurers can not mitigate their risk.
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I guess your not on Medicare yet. Why are your premiums so high. And a 15k deductible! You are paying for what? To me they are just taking your money and you are getting nothing in return. There has to be a cheaper way. Are you covering a family?

This makes me so happy that my husband was a Union man. No, Unions are not perfect but my husbands has taken care of him in retirement. And I realize that it may not last but for now, I am happy. We r both on Medicare too.

No one should have to pay this much for healthcare.
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I don't have any experience with them myself but a blog I check out occasionally for recipes and such had an article about them recently that was interesting:

It sounds like an intriguing concept, but with definite drawbacks to consider, as well.

Good luck!
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Isthisrealyreal Feb 8, 2019
I love wellness mama recipes. Thank you for sharing.

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