I need to lower my father's share of cost by purchasing supplementary insurance for him in the amount of 300.00, can anyone suggest plans?


It was suggested by a patient advocate that my father purchase some additional insurance to lower his share of cost by $300.00. I have looked at some dental and vision plans, but they only amount to $110.00 a month. Can anyone suggest some additional plans?

Thank you!

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If you do number crunching, vision and dental covers routine care and not so well with expensive stuff. The few good plans seem to be employee based for people who work. Even AARP recommended plans do not add to savings. I find that those plans and they come out to be just a savings plan. It is best to save the money and gain a little interest.
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I know nothing about Medicaid first hand. Just what I’ve read on this forum. There was a woman who said she was going to drop her parents supplement policy and thought better of it because it wasn’t like her parent could pocket the premium (it would have to go to Medicaid) and there were doctors that her parent went to that DID NOT take Medicaid but did take Medicare and the supplement. I think it was a case of the person having Medicaid and Medicare both. Anyway like I said in my post to Pollywog, she should check this out and see if it will help. I assumed her parent was in a NH. I see now she has community Medicaid. The profile I read said I am caring for someone.

Thanks for giving us more information.
You might try calling AARP and discuss what you are trying to find with them. They are very helpful.
I’m sorry if my post was/is confusing.
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My father lives with me and is not in a nursing home. I am looking to lower his income by purchasing him additional insurance plans in order to avoid the hefty share of cost that he currently pays. The Medicaid services that he uses are IHSS services and transportation to/from dialysis, all of which comes with a large share of cost, even though he is minimally above the income threshhold.
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97s response has confused me. Ur profile says he is living with you. Is he now in a NH? Private pay or Medicaid.

If on Medicaid everything should be paid. A supplimental is not needed. Vision and Dental are covered,

What I am talking about here is if he is prepaid I had to do this for Mom:

First, find out what insurances your State allow to operate in them. In NJ I had 3 choices. My MIL had 10 in Fla. That will narrow your choices. Then u will need to look at HMO (use their Drs) or PPO (maybe able to keep ur Dr but save by using network Dr) Then there are deductables. My Mom had Medigap with United Health AARP and had a share clause so do I with BC/BS. This happens when Medicare pays 80% of what they consider reasonable and there is 20% remaining. The supplimental pays 10% and u pay the other 10%. I found that Vision was not worth the cost. Medicare pays toward the exam, I think. For glasses it was just cheaper to outright buy them. Dental, I did keep for Mom.
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i have read on this forum that some meds are not covered by medicaid when in a NH. I’m not sure if you can find a drug plan that would work for that if he indeed is on a drug not covered.
Also a supplement health policy (like AARP or Blue Cross) has been mentioned before. I believe those will go higher each year as he ages. This would allow him to see his own doctor that might not accept Medicaid. I have not done any of this but perhaps it will give you something to check out. Come back and let us know how you handle this as it will help others.
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