I've been caring for my father since my mother passed in 2004. It has given me a false sense of security to do so. I went to several colleges and would have worked on my career but I had to supervise my dad who's 91 w Alzheimers and has RA and depression. I am only family and his best friend. I have felt obligated to do my best. Now I have concern about him forgetting me and I'll end up homeless if thing/plans/promises aren't written legally to protect me from losing the house we moved into for MY benefit. He moved to AZ from the beach, he chose to move so I could afford the home. The beach house was zero mortgage for him till he passed. But he made decision to move to pay 1000 mortgage and I'd stay there if he should pass. This was verbally discussed. He had family in his ear, family that never ever have been here for one surgery or anything giving their two cents. They had me arrested from the families getting in his ear, my dad fell for it b/c he just wanted attention, hes lonely and tired of seeing me everyday I'd imagine. Now, the refi broker said he could put my name on title to protect me. How does this work? Pros and cons?

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I think you mean a quit-claim deed. Is there any chance your father could need to apply for Medicaid in the next 5 years? If so, "giving" you the house will gum up the works.

In the situation you are in, a refi broker is not an authority on financial transactions between caregivers and their loved ones. You need to talk to an expert in Elder Law. Call your Area Agency on Aging for advice on whom to see.
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