I am a person with disabilities & low income.

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I have to say *no* regarding paying for a mortgage. Your profile says that you are caring for someone who is living in your home. Can that person help you with any of the expenses, or pay you a salary for taking care of them?

You could check with your local Council on Aging to see what free programs are available.
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I don't think there's any more help from the government than you're already receiving, with SSDI and all the other help. Maybe ask area charity or church organizations--sometimes high school kids need confirmation points and do yard work, painting, cleaning, etc, or Boy Scouts?
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I would contact your local Area on Aging to see what programs are available. AoA acts as a clearing house for grants & other funding in your region. All states have AoA within their Council of Government. Where I live (New Orleans) the Presevation Resource Center does major renovation & repair projects for individual homeowners every year - they are underwritten & done by corporate teams (like Chevron, Shell, big banks) but all co-ordinated by the PRC. My mom in TX had a ramp put in via a AoA grant. You have to ask what is available and apply. For my mom, the neighborhood association came up with the list of property owners and worked with AoA on who got ramps.

About Boy Scouts, as the mom of an Eagle Scout here's my take on asking for help. Scouting is kinda sensitive on anything 1 on 1; it is not allowed. Any project they take on whether to accomplish a belt loop for Cubs or badge for Scouts need to be done within however your pack, troop &/or council has set. Putting in a ramp or building a platform for a handicapped local resident needs to be done within the purview of a sponsoring organization. So my son's recycling year + service project for his eagle had to first find an organization asking for specific help (this was easy as troop had an list of organization requests already), then to be written up as per the Eagle workbook, cleared by troop leadership and then onto to their local council; then the project started. The recipient of the service project needs to be within an entity - like a 501 © 3; or church outreach program - that has oversight & accountability. If a church or rotary club in your neighborhood sponsors a troop, they can be the bridge between you & the Scouts to get something done.
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