Can a POA put a security freeze on the credit of the person they are representing? -

Can a POA put a security freeze on the credit of the person they are representing?

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Jinaama, I had placed a credit freeze on my own accounts with the various credit bureaus.... thus, no one can use my credit to get a new credit card, to purchase a car, or to obtain a mortgage. I have perfect credit, it was just one way to stop thieves if ever a credit card or personal information is hacked.

I learned about his from a consumer show called "Clark Howard" that use to be on CNN/HLN years ago. He has an active consumer website filled with great information.

I was able to freeze my Dad's credit, I just needed to know the security answers to get into the credit bureau accounts. Since I was handling all of my Dad's financials, the security questions were easy. I did this all on-line at each of the credit bureaus. It cost me $10 for each bureaus [some State laws allow this to be done for free]. To me, it was the best $30 spent to make sure my Dad's credit was safe.
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Reroute all your dad's financial papers to your address - as P.O.A. I cancelled all my mom's stuff - most often the banks etc., asked for the P.O.A. papers, my ID, the letter from the dr. declaring her imcompetant - allow 20 to 30 minutes for each stop -

You can't do it over internet as they must see the papers [original if at all possible], if you are dealing with more than 1 branch OF SAME BANK they too want to see the papers but second branch of same will possibly take a copy & is shorter

I was able to cancel all existing cards, change her mailing address to mine & pay them off with HER funds [but I was joint with her on 1 account] with 1 stop - however the regular bank clerk can't do this so make an appointment with a branch officer - most credit cards are aligned with a bank & accept their validation -

FYI - I had to do this even though I went to high school with the bank officer & she was first cousin to my best friend in high school - even had to show ID as they need to write down DL # etc to show that they are following the right protocols - however we had spoken about mom & Mike kept an eye on mom just a bit more thoroughly which was a relief

At the same bank she uses, I took out a separate acc't in my name only from which I sign cheques, pay bills etc - then I can look her in the eye & say truthfully that the money paying for her care doesn't come out of HER money [only indirectly] & mom is happy about that because GOD FORBID SHE EVER SPENT ANY OF HER OWN MONEY
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Yes, a POA can do it to protect the interest of the grantor when he/she becomes incapacitated. I can think of some situations where it would be a good thing to do.
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Clearly a POA can use the 'opt-out' choice on the credit agencies that is supposed to reduce the offers of credit cards. Often those offers of credit cards get our seiors in trouble.
I just looked at the security freeze option and you can do it online. Hence, it seems a POA can do that.
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I'm not 100% sure of the answer but I will bump your question up.
It seems to me that I have read recommendations on the site to do that for out of control spenders, so I think it is possible.
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