I don't think they understand my aging, illnesses and needs. Perhaps if they understand more, I might get some help to not feel so ignored, irrelevant or invisible. A good friend referred me and I'm grateful for this valuable tool; wouldn't some of you agree? Help please & thanks.

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Perhaps with access to this forum some of those in my family & friends can better understand my aging, illnesses, major depression, isolation, and why I often feel invisible or forgotten - to name a few. My income (according to Medi-medi) is too high for me to get help with day-to-day living; I'm ashamed to go into further details. . . Scheduled appointments will hopefully offer testing for my random memory loss. I could very well be in denial about pre-diagnosed dementia. Until I see the neurologist - I don't want to own this. I appreciate positive & uplifting feedback; I'm not a "tough love" person, but I'm open to support and/or suggestions. Thanks!
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Yes, you can certainly pass this info along. If you give some details about your situation people on this forum may be able to help you out.
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