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See a doctor to check the cause. See a physiotherapist for exercises to increase muscle strength, if you can’t find a good book with suggestions.
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When you go to your doctor, actually go and complete any physical therapy recomended.

Try a chiropractor, who can quickly scan you for degenerative spinal issues, make adjustments accordingly which will improve your chances of better walking/mobility in the future.

Slow down, always walk carefully, from now on. Slower, no, really slower.
Move more. Move your legs around and stretch in bed before you get up.
Stop spending so much time in bed, get up. Keep moving. 12-18 hours in bed are too much.

If you are taking medicines for g.e.r.d., switch them, lower them, or find a way to stop them. I say this because of all the research into the gut/brain and from personal experience, I no longer fall because I do not take prilosec-type drugs.

See if massage can help. You must be seen because the muscle weakness could be many things. Was the onset sudden?
Does it come and go? How old are you?
What other known conditions do you have?
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My suggestion is to see your doctor. My DH expereirced similar symptoms and finally went to the doctor after a few falls due to the weakness in one leg. It was due to a compressed nerve in his lower back not sending proper signals to his leg.
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