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cwillie- this is currently my life, the jumping up to assist in the night with those "walks" to the bathroom. I call myself the human walker.
Bernard34, I also thought about the rally at the end type of thing. I have never heard of the walking suddenly - and my mom has the late stages Parkinsons as well, with the hallucinations and can barely get up eat or walk., I can't imagine her walking around just fine . however, I have to share that my father during his last few days of life was very clear minded and seemed so well- then a couple of days later passed.
Is your mother still taking the carbidopa/levadopa? Its the only thing that gets mine up and moving for a bit. Could that be it? you didn't share that much information so not sure if my answer helps.
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Can you tell us what exactly you mean by "last stage"? That term gets used a lot and seems to mean different things to different people.

As for the walking:
I spent over a year sleeping on my mother's couch because she would get up in the night and go to the bathroom without her walker, despite the fact she could barely get around with it during the day.

Many on the forum has written about their loved ones trying to get up and walk even though they had a broken hip or other conditions that should have made walking impossible, it seems that they forgot they couldn't or shouldn't try to walk. Unfortunately this often results in falls and further injury.

Finally, I've read several accounts of people who had a rally toward the end of their life - eating, talking, walking and better than they had been in a long time, sort of a last hurrah.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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