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There are personal alert systems that use cell phone technology.

A few cautions: Do not sign on with one of the companies that is now calling seniors over the phone. Like many things, you want to be the person originate the call. Some of these are scams.

Also, ask if they require a long-term contract. That isn't good. You don't know how long your elder will need the alert system and you don't want to be paying for one when your parent has moved to a nursing home or had some other change.

Also, look for a long business history. Several good companies have been providing these alarms for decades.

Technology keeps changing but a solid business needs to be behind this alarm, so do some checking before signing on to one company.

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I have an ADT system in my house which is wired fire, burgler and panic button, and it all runs on a cell signal (wireless). I have no land line phone.

For me it has worked wonderfully as I did not want to add a landline again. One caution, every quarter (three months) the cell tower resets itself, so the alarm goes off between 1am and 3am after the reset. For me this isn't a problem, but if it is an elderly person living alone it might be. They can give you more information if you call them. They are very reliable.

It is also a month-to-month contract, can be cancelled any time.

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